5 Steps When Trust Has Been Broken PDF

If trust has been broken (affair, infidelity, betrayal, pornography), there are 5 steps to take in rebuilding trust. We’d love to share this PDF with you.

Even though these steps are simple, they are not easy. To help, we have included 4 videos and weekly emails to guide you around the pitfalls and cycles that couples find themselves entrapped. 

Why, because we care.  We want your family to be healthy. Please do the hard work. Stay strong...


Repair and Healing Can Be Difficult...

Because going  through broken trust is hard, we'll send a PDF with the 5 steps, plus we'll send video tutorials explaining the process for healing. 

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A Broken Trust Testimonial

I just wanted to say thank you for your podcasts and wisdom that you have shared. Specifically, I wanted to thank you for your “5 steps when trust has been broken” pdf. Around 3 years ago into my 7 year marriage to my wonderful wife, I confessed my struggle with porn, lust, and masterbation. She was very gracious and forgiving but neither of us knew what steps to take. We just kinda went back to normal, because we didn’t know what to change or any further action to take. Now we are in year 10 and discovered your steps and they have been so helpful! Feels like they have finally given us some traction for how to proceed with healing and rebuilding trust and intimacy in our marriage. We are both going to individual counseling and are taking a 45 day sexual break to focus on progressing through your 5 steps, prayer, to work on healing, and hopefully breaking my addiction by helping to reset my mind. Thank you, so much for your resources. They have been wonderful and practical in our marriage.