Life is hard.

We can help.

Whether you want to get some tools and work through some stuff individually, or you’re here because you need some focused attention on your relationship, we got you.

Life is hard.

We can help.

Whether you want to get some tools and work through some stuff individually, or you’re here because you need some focused attention on your relationship, we got you.

Here’s a snapshot of what we help our clients with on a weekly basis:
  • Life and Leadership Optimization
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress/Overwhelm/Burnout
  • Porn Addiction
  • Processing Grief
  • Trauma Recovery
  • Ministry/Leadership Together
  • Healing from Broken Trust
  • Becoming Intimately Connected
  • Sparking a Better Sex Life
  • Communication and Conflict
  • Growing as Parents
  • Premarital Counseling
We’ve walked with literally thousands of couples through healing and growth.
We want to walk with 


How does counseling work?

Step 1.

Decide which of the 3 options (below) works best for you and reserve your session.

Step 2.

Our team will approve the reservation and send you a couple of forms to fill out.

Step 3.

We’ll meet on a secure video hosting service. You’ll get tools, insights and receive homework.


(email, call, or text us)

(916) 678-1797
[email protected]

Here are the options:



50-Minute Session
With Adam or Karissa

This is for those not looking for a package option, but simply want to pay session-by-session.

This can be used for couples counseling or individual counseling.

Get Started


Marriage Counseling Package
Great for Premarital Couples too!

We have found over the years that the traditional 50-minute session is not long enough for the first session. We are able to give tools and dive deeply in this first 2-hour session with a couple.


  • 2-hour deep dive (with A or K)
  • Marriage Assessment
  • 1 Month Free of Monthly Live Date Night
  • Optional follow-up sessions available
Repair and Renew


Marriage Counseling Package

This package is for couples who value 2:2 style counseling (sometimes it helps to have both the male and female perspective) and are looking for some individual sessions to go with their joint work.


  • 2-hour deep dive (both of us with both of you)
  • Marriage Assessment
  • 3 Months Free of Monthly Live Date Night
  • Two 1:1 sessions (50 minutes, one for each of you)
  • Optional follow-up sessions available

Contact us!

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We’ll get back to you and schedule your first session.

Does Counseling Help?
What do our couples have to say?

“Our Marriage Counseling sessions were incredible… We laughed, cried, and learned so much about ourselves and each other.” Daryn & Macy G.


“Being married young with three small kiddos, we stopped prioritizing our marriage and ended up both having affairs. We approached counseling as not a saving grace for our marriage, but instead a way to ensure we could co-parent together for our children. After a few months, we have grown together and developed a foundation on which to build our marriage moving forward. Adam has provided us the tools necessary to continue to take one step at a time as individuals and as husband and wife. While still a lot of work ahead, we are living in a relationship of trust and hope instead of fear and pain.” C.S. & E.S.


“The sessions were relaxed, personal, and gave both of us the sense that our counselor was there to give us a strong foundation.” Stephen and Tiffaney G.


“We are so glad to have met with Adam and Karissa and go through Repair and Renew. The relationship assessment was an incredibly useful tool; even reviewing the questions before receiving our results invited deep and sincere conversation! Adam and Karissa created a very inviting environment that helped us feel safe as we discussed difficult topics. Even after just the first session, we found ourselves armed with simple yet powerful tools to address some of our communication struggles that we had been experiencing for our entire relationship. They really accelerated the continued growth of our relationship during a time in which recovery and forgiveness were truly needed. We are so thankful to have invested into our marriage with Adam and Karissa’s guidance! We always felt close, but the depth of our relationship feels like it’s on a whole new level, and we know there’s plenty more to go as we continue our marriage journey together!” H.N. & A.N.


“I would highly recommend Adam for marriage counseling. He is supportive, intuitive, kind, and intelligent. The strategies that he taught my husband and I have helped to improve our marriage.” B & L

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you decide 30 minutes into the 1st session that you don’t want to move forward, you are welcome to leave and we’ll reimburse your payment. (This has never happened before, but it’s still a safety net for you.)

We are that confident that you’ll get a ton out of your session. We just want to do this to give you the confidence to invest in your marriage.

It’s easy to get started. Simply fill out the form above (or text/email us).

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