Reduce Your Divorce Rate by 31%

Yep. By working through this course together with your BF/GF/fiancé over the next 7 weeks, you'll be equipping yourselves with tools to have a healthy and intimately connected marriage (for life, according to the research). 
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This is a 7-week course, designed to help seriously dating and engaged couples get the tools that they need to become equipped for a thriving and intimately connected marriage.


Professional guidance for the price of a cheap date each week.


Timeless truths meet cutting-edge relationship science - woven throughout the entire course.


Watch Adam + Karissa work with a couple in real counseling sessions (non-scripted).

The 7 Weeks 


  • How to ask for what you want/need
  • How to create a safe space for your partner
  • Two powerful tools to practice before you're married (and forever)

Dealing with Conflict

  • 5 rules for arguing well
  • What to do when your partner shuts down
  • A blueprint for when you disagree
  • How to win as a team

Dating and Boundaries

  • How far is too far? Setting boundaries as a dating/engaged couple
  • How to keep dating once you're married
  • Steps for making sure you have alone time (without your partner)

Sex and Intimacy

  • How the attitude around sex in your family growing up affects your relationship
  • Birth control, pornography, accountability, sexual abuse
  • Guided discussion for couples who have a sexual history
  • First night checklist


  • Learn what's beneath the surface of your money arguments 
  • Take a "Money and Your Values" assessment
  • Premarital money checklist
  • Bonus: Money and Your Marriage Workshop 2021 Replay Ticket

Friends and Family

  • Decide whether you want to repeat your family norms/traditions/routines
  • How to healthily maintain friendships outside the marriage
  • Set expectations for roles and responsibilities

Spiritual Foundation, Values, and Mission

  • Deep dive into each other's values, giftings, and calling
  • Write your Marriage Mission Statement (PDF template included)

The best gift for a dating or engaged couple!


Let's do it!